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Power tool batteries

Model : Power tool batteries

Long cycle life, ultra-safety,quick charging and discharging with a large current,great performance at high temperatures, no memory effect,environmental friendly and widely used in electric screwdriver, electric drilling machine, electric lawn mower, electric vacuum cleaner, LED flashlights and other electrical products.

Description: Varieties of the combinations can be designed to meet your requirements by Contact Us.


Nominal Voltage Rated capacity Max. discharge current Cycle-life(times)
6.4V / 9.6V / 12.8V / 16V/ 19.2V 1100mAh 15C ≤2000
6.4V / 9.6V / 12.8V / 16V/ 19.2V 2300mAh 15C ≤2000
24V / 36V 2.3~18.4Ah 15C ≤2000