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Lithium battery pack for electric motocycle

Model :  HETER-48V / 64V

Type of cells:LiFePO4; safe,environmental friendly,ultra-cyclelife, excellent charging-discharging performance.

Description: Varieties of the combinations can be designed to meet your requirements by Contact Us.


Model Type Nominal Volt Capacity(Ah) Cycle-life(times)
HET-48-18LEV LiFePO4 48V 18 ≥1500
HET-48-20LEV LiFePO4 48V 20 ≥1500
HET-48-30LEV LiFePO4 48V 30 ≥1500
HET-64-10LEV LiFePO4 64V 10 ≥1500
HET-64-20LEV LiFePO4 64V 20 ≥1500
HET-64-30LEV LiFePO4 64V 30 ≥1500