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LiFePO4 battery pack 3.3V-150Ah for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle, Electrical Vehicle

Model :HETER-3.3V-150Ah

Description: Varieties of the combinations can be designed to meet your requirements by Contact Us.


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1. Nominal Capacity 150Ah@ 0.2C discharge
2. Minimal Capacity 145Ah@ 0.2Cdischarge
3. Nominal Votlage 3.3V
4. Internal Resistance ≤3mΩ
5. Charge Voltage 3.65V
6. Charge Current Normal charge:0.5C Fast charge:1C
7. Standard Charge Method Charge to 3.65V at 0.5C(CC), then charge to3.65V(CV)until current≤0.02C
8. Charge Time Normal charge:3.5h(for reference) Fast charge:2.5h(for reference)
9. Max. Charge Current 1.0 C
10. Max. Discharge Current 2.0 C
11. Discharge Cut Off Voltage 2.5V
12. Working Temperature Charge:0°C ~ 55°C Discharge:-20°C ~ 60°C
13. Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C
14. Storage humidity <85﹪
15. Battery Weight approx:5.3kg