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LiFePO4 battery 3.3V,115Ah

Model : HETER-3.3V-115Ah

Summary: Widely used in energy storage batteries (Solar batteries, Wind energy, Smart Grid), electricars, UPS backup power supplies, communication equipment, medical equipment, and military equipment.

Description: Varieties of the combinations can be designed to meet your requirements by Contact Us.


Cell assembled mode 36P1S-26650
Typical Capacity 115Ah@0.2C,25℃
Minimum Capacity 113Ah@0.2C,25℃
Nominal Voltage 3.3 V
Charging Ending Voltage 3.65±0.1 V
Discharge Ending Voltage 2.5±0.1 V
Standard Charging Current 23A
Standard Discharge Current 23A
MAX Discharge Current 115A
Internal Resistance <2milliohm
Size 125*75*252mm
Weight 3.75±0.2kg