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Electrical Vehicle, Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Battery Packs

Description: The Battery Pack Technology of Heter

  1. Strict choice for single cells: we can keep the good consistency of thepack in usage by choosing single cells based on the capacity, ERS, charging and discharging characteristics curves, etc.
  2. Solid interconnecting: It can lower the ERS of the batteries after being interconnected, lessen the thermal power of the system when working, also can take good use of the energy by the system.
  3. Full-featured BMS: BMS not only can actually check the voltage of single cell, temperature, etc, but also can calculate the SOC, SOH and some other parameters. And  it can keep the consistency of each single cell by balancing unexpectedness.
  4. Efficient TMS: It can keep every single cell in the best environment by adapting the temperature of the single cell at different locations.


Nominal Volt Type Rated capacity
48V LiFePO4 100Ah、150Ah、200Ah
72V LiFePO4 40Ah、150Ah、200Ah
96V LiFePO4 5Ah、150Ah、200Ah
144V LiFePO4 100Ah、150Ah、200Ah、300Ah
288V/366V/540V LiFePO4 100Ah~600Ah