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Heter's ESS is a large backup power source that can store the energy from 50 to 300KWh. The main spare parts that are included are : LiFePO4 battery pack, inverter, charger, voltage-stabilizing and frequency stabilization power source protection equipment. It has the superiority of long working life, fast charging, high current discharging and so on.

Possible applications of ESS include city grid substation, wind and solar power generation storage, emergency power supply and so on. Take emergency power supply for example, when the power is supplied normally by the grid, the ESS will supply the load after stabilizing the voltage. At the same time, the battery will charge inside the ESS and store the energy in the battery.

When the city grid breaks off for some reason or has some input malfunction, UPS will supply the load by transforming the energy in the battery to 220V AC to make sure that it can work normally which protects software and hardware from being damaged.