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Lithium battery18650(LiFePO4)-High Power

Model :HTCF18650-1100-3.3

Applications: Especially suitable for various applications under heavy load, such as: power tools, boot device, military equipment. Discharge rate is up to 20C.


Notable advantages, compared with alkaline battery:

  • Great performance in large current discharging.
  • Wider operation temperature, -40°C~60°C, while alkaline batteries can not work under low temperatures and leak easily under high temperatures.
  • Environment friendly, none polluted composition included, after using the outcome is iron, benefit to environment.
  • Over 10 years life.
  • 40% lighter than ordinary alkaline battery.


No. Item Parameters
1 type 18650-3.3-1100
2 Nominal Capacity 1100mAh(0.5C)
3 Minimal Capacity 1050mAh(0.5C)
4 Rated Voltage 3.3 V
5 Internal Resistance ≤15mΩ
6 Charge Voltage 3.65V
7 Charge Mode CC/CV
8 Max. Continuous Dishcarge Current 20C
9 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.0V
10 Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C
11 Storage Humidity <85﹪
12 Cell Weight 45 g(approx.)
13 size D*H(18*65mm)