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Our Mission Statement


Take the technical innovation as the driving force and enable the Heter products to be the best. Further expand the company's technological advantages, to ensure that product performance, quality and stability be advanced in the world level. So that, makes Heter to be the world's best brand.


High efficient is the means of winning the competition and seeking high-speed development. To be the best in the competed and high oppression days, Heter will act with high efficiency in all aspects. Breakthrough and Innovation, keep product quality improve efficiency with management.


Teamwork is the essential requirement for every employee in Heter. Teamwork is also the basis for high efficiency. The value of each member of the team is reflected in Heter’s top ranking products.


The core value of Heter’s culture is coexistence, win-win and long term win. It means to share the risk, interested in achieving goals and to keep developing with the same value.

The win-win of Heter is not only as simple as profit. Heter shares same values and vision with strategic partners.

Win is the meaning of life. Win and win-win is a natural way, so to achieve win-win is the way to survival for the enterprise.