About Heter

About Heter Electronics

Heter Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is located at Thailand Industrial Park, Hi-Tech District, Zaozhuang.  As a high and new technology enterprise focusing on the field of green energy,  Heter is the only group enterprise that has the ability of developing and manufacturing lithium iron phosphate materials, as well as manufacturing of power battery and battery pack, super capacitor, and sole electric automobiles. The lithium iron phosphate cathode material and lithium iron phosphate power batteries are developed and owned by Heter, which have great high and low temperature discharge performance, high reliability and consistency, outstanding performance in an environment with a temperature between -40°C and +80°C, not subjected to explosion and combustion due to over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, short circuit, strike and downfall, squeeze, and puncture. While opening the civil market continuously, Heter’s products also play a key role in the military application. In 2009, due to its technical strength and superior performance, the lithium iron phosphate power battery with the lithium iron phosphate cathode material developed by the group obtained the military product certificate issued by the People's Liberation Army General Staff Department of China.


Heter Group has five subordinate companies. The main products include lithium-iron cylindrical battery, lithium-iron button battery, lithium iron phosphate cathode material, lithium iron phosphate power battery and battery system, super capacitor and solar electrical vehicles.  The products with advanced characteristics and high quality have recognized by our customers worldwide, such as Haier Group, Hisense Group, Siemens, American General Electric (GE), ATL, Magna. The group has a standard workshops of 80,000 square meters, owns lithium ion battery production lines having an annual output of 60 million Ampere-hours, power battery pack and system production lines having an annual output of 100 million Ampere-hours, high performance lithium iron phosphate material production lines having a design annual output of 5000 tons, and super capacitor production lines having an annual output of 50 million super capacitors. Heter Electronics Group is sparing no effort to create the largest green energy base in the northern regions of China.

Highlights of Heter’s accomplishments and superiority include:

  1. a. The liFePO4 cathode material production line and the under construction project with an annual capacity of ten thousand tons rank the Heter material as the global first (yield) and also make it be focused by the whole world.
  2. b. The Li-Fe button battery with independent intellectual property rights fully deserves as the global first.
  3. c. Heter has the complete manufacturing line from raw material, to battery, then to solar electric vehicle, that is the only one currently in China.
  4. d. Due to superior characteristics and outstanding performance, the export volume of Heter’s super capacitors is ranked as the national first for 5 years consecutively.
  5. e. The national first and only one company whose LiFePO4 power battery has passed military certification.
  6. f. The solar sightseeing car designed and developed by the company has an endurance mileage of 82km, which is ranked as the national first.

We always insist the tenet of business of "quality first, customers first, people first, and credit by sincerity", so as to wholeheartedly serve the customers worldwide. We warmly welcome guests from all over the world to Heter Electronics Group to give us advices and discuss business. The Heter people are very willing to build a bright future together with you!